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5 Small But AWESOME Retextures | Skyrim Special Edition Mods 2018

So we’ve all been there. You’ve spent weeks, no months, on your load order and you’re finally ready to sit down and start playing. Everything seems fine, your gameplay mods are working–achieving perfect synergy. Your ENB is burning out your retinas with all the blue light it’s emitting. But everything’s OK. All you see is 4K goodness and your more immersed than child with their first Lego toy. But then it happens and you feel your heart sink. Why, I mean why, did it have to be you. And now of all times, your first Dragon fight! Next comes the begging as you collapse to the floor. Why oh why couldn’t it have been anything else, anything else! A crash to desktop, a lighting conflict, maybe even a gap in terrain but not, not this horror. The culprit–a low resolution texture. 2k, 1k, or even worse… the dreaded 512×512 texture.

Gathering together your remaining strength you stand and sit back down in your chair. Struggling, you enter the Skyrim Special Edition Nexus URL into your favorite web browser and begin desperately searching for the right retexture. But what even is the name of that texture and what if you find more? Well now, that’s where this video comes in because I’m here to maybe save you some heartache. This is 5 New Retextures You’ll Probably Want in your Game!

HD Saerek Skull Key

5 Small But AWESOME Retextures | Skyrim Special Edition Mods 2018

Let’s get that ball rolling quickly off the bat shall we? The first mod on this list is HD Saerek Skull Key SE and it retextures both the Saerek and Torsten skull keys. If you’re wondering where on earth these objects exists, I’ll tell you. A, they’re on Nurn and B, they’re inside a dungeon. Which one exactly, I’m not sure but I’m sure you’ll stumble across it while collecting dragon priest masks or something. Anyway I really like how the author went out of his way to change the appearance of these skulls to resemble, you know, an actual skull rather than ceramic Mexican replicas. Not only that, but there are four different variations so you can choose the one you like best. After all, you’ll want it to look fly as this is one of those items you throw in your player home upon quest completion.

Download Special Edition: HD Saerek Skull Key

Vampire Coffins HD

5 Small But AWESOME Retextures | Skyrim Special Edition Mods 2018

Next up, Vampire Coffins HD. Yup, you got it, this one retextures vampire coffins. This is one of those mods by luxor. You know, the guy that brings you amazing hanging moss and retextures Sovngarde. I have a pretty good connection with this guy I think. I’ve featured his HD Sovngarde mod but he must be a mute or something as he’s pretty good at ignoring my posts. Oh well, he may not be chatty but a he makes fine textures. So as you can see, they have nicely detailed and embroidered edges that I happen to enjoy. And do you see those wood grains? Any carpenter seeing these is probably going nuts right now. Hell, my eyeballs might even get splinters from staring too hard.

Download Special Edition: Vampire Coffins HD

Scrumptious Stew HD

5 Small But AWESOME Retextures | Skyrim Special Edition Mods 2018

But how about we move on to something edible no? Scrumptious Stew HD features high definition stew/soup textures. That’s right, plural baby. This mod author was kind enough to give us 3 choices. So whether you’re craving hearty meat and vegetables, meat and onions, or just shrooms, this mod has your back. Or mouth rather. Possible even taste buds. Look at the very least it’ll make you drool! Being a Slav and all, I went with the meat and onions, it’s not entirely authentic as I believe it was just onions back commie days but what kind of selfish prick would I be if I demanded a 4th stew choice from this fine mod author?

Download Special Edition: Scrumptious Stew HD

HD Bonehawk Amulet

5 Small But AWESOME Retextures | Skyrim Special Edition Mods 2018

Let’s take it back to skulls for a second. If the earlier Saerek retexture wasn’t enough for you, maybe HD Bonehawk Amulet will satiate you better. If you’re anything like me you’re probably wondering what the bonehawk amulet even is. Yea, I had to look that one up. Apparently it’s part of the Dawnguard DLC. You have to shoot down the hawks around the vampire castle, then loot them for bones. Disgusting I know. But I had to try it. After that you can craft the necklace. I don’t think it serves any other purpose other than aesthetic, but I mean, I could be wrong. So I guess this amulet would be nice for a necromancer playthrough or something. Maybe even just any sort of creep playthrough. Ehem Farkas Ehem. But back to the textures The entire necklace has been retextured to look real pretty. The skull, jewel, feathers. Everything except the rope. That’s still an eye sore. Oh well, it’s a good start I guess.

Download Special Edition: HD Bonehawk Amulet

Jabber’s 2K Archery Targets

5 Small But AWESOME Retextures | Skyrim Special Edition Mods 2018

Finally we’ve come to our last one. Jabber’s 2K Archery Target takes a pass at the archery target’s in the game. Honestly, I don’t even have to explain what the textures do. do I? The mod authors are pretty straight forward with their naming conventions aren’t they? What I do want to tell you though is that these were made for use with the Static Mesh Improvement Mod. But you probably already have that installed don’t you? If not, shame on you. Go download that. Then stand in the corner for 5 minutes and think about what you’ve not done. Ehem. So technically you don’t need SMIM to use this but seriously, you want SMIM, take it from me. So these new textures look a bit more fluent than the old ones, less contrastie, and more uniform with the lights and darks. To me, they’re an improvement but your mileage may vary.

Download Special Edition: Jabber’s 2K Archery Targets

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