Sunday, April 11, 2021

CAT CHALLENGER 75C Mod for Farming Simulator 19


We used these consistently in the Palouse while hillside farming.
I had to move it over to FS19 since it was my main workhorse in fs17.
I farm with older equipment and this brings more realism to me.
Everything that worked in FS17 now works in FS19 and I enhanced it even more


  • Price: $131,500 The cost of a new one in 1994
  • Engine (325 HP)
  • Category: Large Tractors
  • New Lights
  • Working Dashboard Huds
  • Original 1994 tracks, separated into separate i3d file
  • Older and more realistic challenger sounds
  • Tractor and tracks center of mass balanced, sinks into ground appropriately.
  • Working trailer and 3 point attachers
  • Steering now uses lefthand on wheel and right on hydraulics. No more goofy looking 10 & 2 position
  • New foilage bending
  • New hydraulic hose attachment
  • Exhaust is now darker and more realistic looking
  • No log errors or warnings

Credits: B&R modding – Convert FS17 Fix: Shippy & Ingolf

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