Best Rated Gaming Keyboards 2019


Top 10 Gaming Keyboards 2019 – Mechanical, Silent, RGB Lighting

There’s nothing like the click-clack of keyboards as you’re mashing them to destroy your enemies in battle or talking smack when you’re not able to on voice chat. Having a good gaming keyboard can really flesh out your gaming experience and give you the kind of immersive gaming experience you expect from PC gaming. Of course, immersion and smack-talking isn’t the only reasons to get a keyboard; you’re going to want some kind of performance out of your keyboard right? There’s nothing like hitting the key to turn your character right only to have your character react too slowly while you get mauled by enemy snipers or monsters. Back when gaming on the PC was limited to Tetris and text-based RPGs, you wouldn’t have needed such crazy keyboard features. However, today’s gaming world has changed to the point where you’re going to need everything from key rollovers to dedicated volume control. Let’s take a look at the top ten gaming keyboards.


The CORSAIR K66 is a reasonable priced mechanical keyboard that is not only beautiful but built to last as well with very sturdy construction. It’s something you’ll want to show off to your viewers if you stream. It also sports a window lock mode to ensure you won’t be interrupted when smashing your keyboard during gaming. It also has its own easy to reach volume controls that won’t interrupt your immersion if you suspect someone’s at your door with your pizza or you hear your mom calling you in for groceries. The CORSAIR K66 was designed to ensure your keyboard can keep up with your fast-paced gaming lifestyle

9Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum

Can you ask for a better keyboard other than one that has its own integrated palm rest? That’s one way to battle carpal tunnel, but if you have the kind of lifestyle where you’re looking at a top ten list of keyboards for gaming, then you’re going to want to look out for more than carpal tunnel (heart disease for one). Anyway, back to the keyboard, the Romer-G switches give a satisfying yet precise keystroke experience that will make you regret not getting this sooner. The immersive experience you’ll get from this keyboard is also one you don’t want to ignore. You can select from a full spectrum of millions of different color combinations and synchronize lighting animations across different Logitech G devices. The keyboard’s lighting can also react to the in-game action of different game titles. While you won’t get the hard clicking of other mechanical keyboards, you’ll be satisfied with its volume wheel, macro keys, and beautiful lighting.  

8HP OMEN 1100

If you want a click-clack of mechanical keyboards, but want it as loud as you possibly can to annoy your neighbors or make then think there’s something wrong with their plumbing, then the HP OMEN 1100 is the keyboard for you. The durability is also something to not here as it can survive millions of keystrokes, so you can rest well knowing it’s as durable as Thor’s Stormbreaker forged from Uru in Nidavellir. This is a beautiful keyboard that illuminates your accuracy and prevents you from miss-keying. Bring your game to competition-level caliber with the HP OMEN 1100.


Illuminate your fingertips with this amazing keyboard capable of MX cherry key switches, the CORSAIR K68. Smooth and responsiveness are key with this keyboard as well as it being dust and spill-resistant. Obviously, don’t go purposely spilling your Mountain Dew and Doritos crumbs on the keyboard, but also don’t let it slow you down if you do. The dynamic lighting effects of the CORSAIR K68 give you a beautiful red backlight paired with its CORSAIR utility engine for programming macros. Like the CORSAIR K66, don’t let accidentally hitting the window or context key ruin your game and chance of victory. The Windows key lock mode will sure you don’t accidentally rage quit and throw another expensive keyboard across the room.

6Cougar Vantar

While anti-ghosting technology isn’t something you needed back when the hardest game you played was Tetris; Vantar’s anti-ghosting technology allows you to press W, A, S, D, Q, E, Z, X, C, B, Tab, L-Ctrl, L-Alt, L-Shift, Space, and the four arrow keys for the best accuracy. If you wanted to drive your cat crazy with clicking noises, then you’ll be disappointed with how quiet this gaming keyboard is, but it makes up for being one of the most beautiful keyboards on the market with a customizable backlight capable of 8 different effects. If you want beauty, accuracy, and scissor-switches, then you can’t go wrong with the Cougar Vantar, right?

5Razer Huntsman Elite

If you’re looking for a keyboard recommended to not be used in the office, then get ready for the satisfying mechanical clicking of the Razer Huntsman Elite. Simply tapping on this keyboard gives emulates the sound of machine gunfire. The technology found in the Razer Huntsman Elite is one not found in your normal mechanical keyboard with its optical light sensor that literally registers your key presses at the speed of light. The durability of this keyboard gives double the lifespan of other mechanical gaming keyboards with 100 million keystrokes. Not only does the Razer Huntsman Elite come with its own memory and cloud storage, but you’ll get to rest your weary wrists on its ergonomic wrist rest that provides maximum comfort for your maximum effort.


The CORSAIR K95 Platinum comes with anti-ghosting technology with full key rollover. Bring your gaming to the next level with the CHERRY MX RGB mechanical switches. Unlike other keyboards, the CORSAIR K95 PLATINUM gives you a very solid and durable feel with incredibly durable buttons. In fact, they boast about having an aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame. We’re only going to assume that means it can take as much punishment as military-grade aircraft, but don’t go out testing this keyboard against heat-seeking missiles. The wrist rest provides hours of gaming comfort and the lighting ensures you’ll go from crazy light shows to relaxing ambient lighting for if you can ever convince a date to come back to your place.

3Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

Prepare your Mountain Dew and Doritos again, because this keyboard is built to withstand even the nerdiest of rages. For those who spend hundreds on keyboards, only to keep open drinks nearby, there’s no need to worry about getting it a little wet. However, you don’t buy keyboards for how much fluids they can take, you buy them for their performance. This keyboard was specifically designed for tournament-level play with lightning-fast responsiveness due to their optimized mechanical switches. Of course, what gaming keyboard comes without a light show? Prepare for dynamic lighting effects as you mow down your enemies and make a name for yourself. Maybe someday you’ll take your skills to Korea where you’ll be put to shame, but for now, enjoy another keyboard entry by Razer gaming.


The corsair line of keyboards normally come with the CHERRY MX key switches with dynamic RGB backlighting. With the CHERRY MX, you’ll never need to worry about your key not actuating when you go to slay your enemies. Like the other corsair brand of keyboards, it comes with the usual: anti-ghosting with key rollover, windows key-lock mode, and a bunny-soft wrist rest. What’s better? Unlike other mechanical keyboards, this has a USB pass-through, meaning you can plug a headset or mouse into it for added convenience. Pair it with other corsair devices to optimize your gaming setup and be the best you can be (even if these cost an arm and a leg).  

1Razer Ornata Chroma

The custom design of the Razer Ornata Chroma allows your fingers to quickly type your trash-talking without accidentally missing a key, misspelling a word, and having your entire argument invalidated by a typo. It increases the quality of your typing efficiency with its anti-ghosting technology to ensure you’re not constantly having to correct your own spelling. However, you’re not here because you want a keyboard that helps you type like a coherent person, you want a flashy and immersive gaming keyboard that will give you the most bang for your book. While it is relatively on the cheaper end of mechanical keyboards, don’t underestimate the Razer Ornata Chroma’s addition to your gaming setup.

Don’t go to just any store and buy a simple USB keyboard thinking you’ll get the type of performance and immersion as you would dropping a little extra money on a mechanical gaming keyboard. If you want to take your gaming to the next level then consider one of these keyboards on this top ten list.

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