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AGRO 50M PACK includes plow and cultivator for FS2017. They look same just do a different job. This mod is really handy for me to prepare maps for my LS2017 reviews. It does speed up the process of cultivation and plowing. So if you don’t care about realism, want to save time or just too lazy to use the smaller farming equipment. This mod for you.  ​For pulling the AGRO 50M I am using tractor DEUTZ FAHR SERIES 9. I didn’t see much difference from the in-game version model. For transporting I am using KST EAGER BEAVER trailer and American pickup truck FORD F350.


DEUTZ FAHR SERIES 9 DEUTZ FAHR SERIES 9 V2.0Hello her dear LS17 player! Version 2.0
New coronas installed
new LED flashing lightsI have made the Deutz Fahr Series 9 a mod and changed it a bit.
I also took some things from Sanderrr’s traktortuning pack.
So now also a winter edition made on time to wine. It sits around the same version 1.5 only halt with light chains and a winter Lakierung I hope you like it.
What has been changed?
Light point
Airhorn installed
Coolbox installed
3 Indicator lights to select + per indicator light must be selected with flags, flags + Airhorn or Airhorn only
!!! Light Addon is needed for the strobe lights as well as the rul display in the interior !!!
General adaptations
Lieghtbeams (so the view is minimally restricted)
Sticker, license plate (rear with lighting)
Interior, Display Illuminated
Indicator lights in the display
Working light indicator inside the switch module (left on the control)


FORD F350 V1.0 Ford f350 dually for Farming simulator 2017
credits to every one i just edited it.
Price: 56150
Brand: Ford
Category: Cars


AGRO 50M PACK 2017 V1.0
Howdy Folks. SO I’ve Been Searching For A Mod To Make Things Go Faster. Now I Do Have The Big Bud DLC How Ever Even Big Bud’s Tools Are Extremely Slow. Using A Big Bud Plow/Cultivator On An 8×8 Field Takes 2 Hours To Complete Travaling At 9MPH….Even In The Real World The Max Speed Of A Cultivator/Plow Is 30MPH Clearing A Field Of That Size Would Take You Around 30 Minutes At The Most. Now I Know This Mod Isn’t Realistic BUT It’s For Fun & For Those Who Just Want To Get The Job Done N Over With For The Next Job To Do.
I Did Some Research On Converting Older Mods To FS17. I HereBy Present The Agro 50M Pack. Pulled From FS15 Works 100 Just Fine On FS17. No Errors, Log File Was clean. All Animtions Are Working. This Is A Great Tool For Those Who Again Don’t Like Working On 1 Field ALL Day Long. Now Please Note Those Of You Use The Option ‘Hire A Worker’ I Would Advise You Not Too. These Cutters Are So Large That I have Found That The ‘Hire A Worker’ Option Which is Just Basically The Computer Playing For You Cant Handle The Tractor Pulling The Cutter And Ends Up Crashing Or Doing Circlels.
The Magnum 380 Will Pull these Just Fine.

Credits: Giants,  TschiZack Gamieng, Sanderrr, Argrar Drei-Länder-Eck, LS17 Werkstatt, Ahran von Bavaria Modding, Paquito el Chocolatero, Giants Editor, JRD84, Thunderhawk09, 

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