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Building New Wooden Beam Fence in Farming Simulator 19

Two years ago I made a video on How to Build a Log Fence in Farming Simulator 19 – FS19 Construction. Today I present you a new type of Wooden Beam Fence from beams that could be produced with Placeable Sawmill Pack (Global Company). In theory, you can build the same fence on Farming simulator 2019 Xbox or FS 19 PS but I do not own FS 2019 on Xbox Series X or PS5.

Here is the Mod List with all the FS19 Mods in the Video:

FS19 Iveco 190-38 Semi-Truck

FS19 Roadrunner Semi-Truck

FS19 W900L Stretched

FS19 John Deere 968L-II Skidder

FS19 Low Loader VSR 56

FS19 Hitachi ZX290LC Excavator

FS19 Fliegl Timber Runner Wide With Autoload Wood

FS19 Open Horse Pasture Building

FS19 Placeable Sawmill Pack (Global Company)

FS19 Ravensberg Map

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