Thursday, April 9, 2020

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On this page, you can find an ordered list of all the revisions and updates to The Best Modlist for Skyrim. You can also see an overview of all the changes and additions for each update.

As always, if you encounter any problems, want to leave suggestions or get help refer to the following channels in my Discord.

The Best Modlist for Skyrim

0.04b – 03/04/2020

As promised, I’ve updated the formatting of The Best Modlist further. I’ve also added a new instructions on the Getting Started page (formally Clean Install) on how to revert SkyrimSE to the correct version for the modlist.


  • Main menu image temporarily resized to better fit. I am still not happy with these and want to change them to look better later on.
  • Buttons around the pages have been tweaked to include the page ordering on them.

[i]Getting Started:

  • “Getting the Correct Game Version” Section added. After Steam updated their client, the old method for downloading past executibles from the Steam console stopped working so this is the new method going forward. I will have a video on how to do this shortly. Hopefully Steam doesn’t break this method next.
  • Renamed to “Getting Started” from “Clean Install”. Since the page has more than just clean installation procedures for the game, I thought this was appropriate.

[ii]General Info:

  • Removed the reverting Skyrim instructions from the [BreaksOnUpdate] tag. These are now found on the “Getting Started” page.


  • Updated Load Order to remove the Death Counter mod which was moved to the Not Included section last update. Also fixed the load order of plugins with the .ESL extension to put them right after ESMs and ESM flagged ESPs.

0.03b – 03/03/2020

A general patch update. Mostly changes to formatting and some other areas. There are a few more formatting issues with the guide I’m looking to fix so I’m expecting another patch up soon.

Mod Changes:


  • [1.2.4] Removed the Death Counter mod from Included and placed it into Not Included. I really like the idea of this mod but the counter is imperfect, especially if you quickly load upon death. On top of that, the prompts at the beginning of the game are very intrusive. This mod does have a plugin and some scripts, so don’t remove it mid-playthrough if you’re already using it.

Other Changes:


  • Recolored the Tags to better fit the lighter background tones of the Modlist.

[ii]General Info:

  • Mod Installation – changed the file download location instructions to better reflect the possibility of older versions, and locations outside of “Main Files”, so like “Optional files”, “Misc Files” and “Old Files”


  • [1.1.1] Skyrim Script Extender 64bit (SKSE64) – Elaborated on the SKSE download instructions to account for archived versions. Installing the “latest SSE” version of SKSE on the main silverlock page is no longer recommended by BMS.
  • [1.3.3] Recleaned Menu – Elaborated on why ReCleaned Menu was chosen by BMS as opposed to the other clean menu mods out there.
  • Tweaked the overall style of the page, with special focus on the ‘spoiler’ drop-down lists. Hopefully this will help with readability and navigation. More work to be done here I think.
  • Changed “Current Version” to say “Used Version” to better reflect the meaning of the version information for “Included” mods. “Not Included” and “Not Recommended” still say “Current Version”

0.02b – 02/05/2020

Initial open beta release. As this represents the very first foray this guide is making into the wide, wide world, I’m expecting frequent updates for the next good bit. The Essentials module should be fleshed out and ready to go but things like grammar, typos as well as visual polish may be lacking in areas. Information continuity is an especially big concern for me right now. Please report any issues in the #bug-reports and suggestions in the #suggestions channel of my Disord under “The Best Modlist for Skyrim” category. Discord link at the top of the page.

  • Published Landing page
  • Published Clean Install page
  • Published General Info page
  • Published Essentials module
  • Published Change Log