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On this page, you can find an ordered list of all the revisions and updates to The Best Modlist for Skyrim. You can also see an overview of all the changes and additions for each update.

As always, if you encounter any problems, want to leave suggestions or get help refer to the following channels in my Discord.

The Best Modlist for Skyrim – 02/25/2021

BMS [3] Graphics & Visuals:

  • Updated “Window Shadows” mod to 7.4
  • Updated “Dynamic Volumetric Lighting and Sun Shadows” mod to 1.0.2
  • Added “Wonders of Weather” mod

0.20.5b – 02/20/2021

BMS [1] Essentials:

  • Removed “iActivate” mod. It was redundant with SkyHUD and I believe it to be the cause of new game CTDs. Needs confirmation.
  • Removed “Alternate Start – Race Menu Activator” mod. This mod is not needed now that MCM menus are preconfigured.
  • Prevented [AddItemMenu – Pack] from starting in the player’s inventory. This should only be used for testing purposes as it allows you to obtain unobtainable and potentially unstable objects.

BMS [3] Graphics & Visuals:

  • Removed “Parallax Pelts” mod
  • Added “Peltapalooza” mod
  • Updated “Improved Sparks” mod to 3.0
  • Updated “RIS” mod to 2.5.1
  • Prevented R.A.S.S. book from appearing in the player’s inventory. This should not be needed because of the MCM
  • Removed Obsidian Weather configuration from appearing in the player’s spell list. This should not be needed because of the MCM
  • Preconfigured R.A.S.S. starting settings some.

0.20.4b – 02/16/2021


  • Cleaned up downloads folder. This should remove issues with extra archives being downloaded.
  • Removed the need to set up your game folder. All necessary game folder files are copied to “BMS Installation\Stock Game” and MO2 is instructed to launch the game from that directory.

BMS [1] Essentials:

  • Added “Cleaned Skyrim SE Textures” mod

BMS [3] Graphics & Visuals:

  • Updated “Skyrim 2020” mod to 7.0
  • Updated “Footprints” mod to 1.6.1
  • Updated “R.A.S.S.” mod to 3.2.2
  • Removed “Draco’s Beautiful Auroras” mod
  • Fixed inverted normal faces on RtDockBldStrBridge01.nif
  • Fixed missing ring diffuse texture
  • Fixed missing argonian bloodwine diffuse texture
  • Fixed missing WRFirePlaceSpit01.nif textures

0.20.2b – 02/05/2021

Window Shadows update and reimplementation of save files.

BMS [1] Essentials:

  • Re added save files. Wabbajack was not creating them.

BMS [3] Graphics & Visuals:

  • Removed “The Ordinary Women” mod due to incompatibility with “Vanilla Hair Replacer”. This should fix the Whiterun crash.
  • Updated “Window Shadows” mod.

0.20.1b – 02/03/2021

Mod additions, fixes and so forth.

BMS [1] Essentials:

  • Enabled profile specific saves
  • Added “powerofthree’s Papyrus Extender for SSE” mod
  • Updated “moreHUD SE” to the latest version

BMS [2] Audio:

  • Enabled profile specific saves

BMS [3] Graphics & Visuals:

  • Enabled profile specific saves
  • Added “Burned Book Retexture” mod
  • Added “Alternate Obsidian Weathers MCM” mod
  • Added “Frozen Electrocuted Combustion” mod
  • Updated “R.A.S.S” mod to the latest version
  • Updated “Window Shadows” mod to the latest version
  • Darkened texture to better fit outdoor lighting
  • Fixed missing TrapdoorLadder01.nif diffuse texture
  • Fixed missing windhelm brick texture
  • Fixed emission color on magelight staff to black for consistency
  • Fixed emission color on FXMistLow01Long.nif so morning fog would interact better with ENB

0.20b – 01/28/2021

Initial Wabbajack release. This marks the initial supoort for BMS on Wabbajack. Manual installations are not supported for the foreseeable future.

BMS [3] Graphics & Visuals release.

0.10b – 05/12/2020

I am happy to announce that the Audio module is finally in public release! So far, initial impressions have been overwhelmingly positive by the early access testers, so I see no reason to put off releasing this for everyone. 🙂 As always, please report any issues you may find to the #bug-reports channel of my Discord, it goes a long ways!

  • Published Audio module

0.06b HOTFIX 2 – 05/02/2020

A few more small tweaks to the 0.06b Update.

[1] Essentials:

  • [1.1.2] Display Tweaks – updated to 0.3.11.
  • [1.2.3] Skyrim Save System Overhaul – added [Version] tag.
  • [1.3.4] Immersive HUD – added [Version] tag.

0.06b HOTFIX 1 – 05/01/2020

A few changes to fix some oversights with the 0.06b Update.

[1] Essentials:

  • [1.1.2] Skyrim Project Optimization xEdit record editing directions have been removed. I’ve decided to not listen to the mod author’s advice and change the load order to load SPO before USSEP forwarding the record changes that way. This should have the same effect as the xEdit changes we made earlier. See [1.4] for new load order.
  • [1.2.1] Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch updated to 4.2.3. Arthmoore doesn’t keep old versions archived so his mods are always updated to the newest version asap.
  • [1.3.4] Display Enemy Level now has the [Not60FPS] tag on it. Change this mod to 60 FPS with FFdec.
  • [1.5] Load Order updated to reflect SPO change and other changes from 0.06b.
  • [1.6] Modlist Updated to reflect 0.06b changes.

0.06b – 04/30/2020

I know I said 0.05b would be the last update prior to Audio but this update was quick and needed to be pushed out asap. BMS has officially updated to Skyrim 1.5.97 bringing it to the latest version of the game. Please read over the update notes prior to updating. MoreHUD has been ESLed by the mod author which will require additional care on new save games.

For those wondering, I am currently in the process of typing up Audio on the site so have no fear, it will be here in no time.

[1] Essentials:

  • [1.1.1] Removed Hookshare SSE from “Included” and placed in “Not Included”. This mod was used by QuickLoot RE and nothing else so it was no longer needed. It also doesn’t have a 1.5.97 compatible version.
  • [1.2.1] Replaced Havok Fix with SSE Display Tweaks. This mod provides the same functionality as Havok Fix plus other benefits.
  • [1.2.1] Added the [Dirty] tag to Alternate Start Race Menu Activator. This plugin needs to be cleaned with xEdit.

Updating to Skyrim SE 1.5.97:

If you have an existing save game I would advise against updating until your next play-through. If you must update and continue your save game you will have to first uninstall moreHUD SE per the mod author’s instructions below, drop a new save and then remove from MO2. You can then commence with the updating procedures below and you will then have to reconfigure moreHUD’s MCM after you reinstall it.

moreHUD uninstall procedure on existing save

To update Skyrim to 1.5.97 from 1.5.80 you can simply validate the integrity of the game cache in steam at this time as it is the newest version (liable to change in the future). Then just reinstall and replace the below mods. The new versions for them can be found on the Essentials page.

To get to this menu, right click SSE in steam and select properties.

0.05b – 04/12/2020

This is a pretty big update to Essentials with a few mods added and some even removed. This is the last update to Essentials prior to the release of the Audio module.

[i] Getting Started:

  • Removed Keybinding instructions. These now come in a custom presets package for Essentials which you can download in 1.4.

[ii] General Info:

  • Added information [ESLable] flag. This will allow you to ESL some plugins in Essentials.

[1] Essentials:

There has been a lot of work done on Essentials for this update. Sections have been reordered, renamed or outright removed. Mods have been added, removed or replaced. I’ve decided to remove the core categories and move their mods into other categories that better describe their purpose.

[1] Essentials – Organizational Changes:

  • [1.1.1] Core was removed, subsequent sections had their numeric values shifted down by one.
  • [1.3.1] Core was removed, subsequent sections had their numeric values shifted down by one.
  • [1.1.2] Fixes was renamed to [1.1.2] Fixes & Optimizations.
  • [1.2.1] Core was renamed to [1.2.1] Bugs & Balance.
  • [1.3.1] Console and [1.3.2] Menus switched numeric positions to [1.3.1] Menus and [1.3.2] Console. It made more sense to have the menus first as that is where SkyUI was moved to.
  • [1.3.5] Fonts was added. This was done to improve HUD fonts.
  • Skyrim Script Extender 64bit (SKSE64) was moved [1.1.1] Prerequisites & Frameworks.
  • SkyUI was moved to [1.3.1] Menus.
  • Wider MCM for SkyUI was moved to [1.3.1] Menus.
  • Skyrim Project Optimization SE was moved to [1.1.2] Fixes & Optimizations.
  • [1.4] Patches was renamed to [1.4] Patches & Misc Files.
  • [1.5] Load Order was updated to account for changes.
  • [1.6] Mod Configuration was replaced [1.6] Modlist Order and now contains the modlist order.
  • Table of Contents was reformatted to account for changes.
  • Moved the description of [1.1.1] Prerequisites & Frameworks out of the spoiler.

[1] Essentials – Mod Changes:

I know this is a lot of changes but I felt like these were all necessary. It’s better to get these out of the way now than to do it later with other modules. I will try to do my best to keep mod changes to Essentials minimal going forward.

  • Removed Paramount – FPS Galore for Newrim. The changes it made were more about personal taste and are more suited in Graphics and Visuals.
  • Removed Quick Loot RE from [1.3.4] HUD Included to [1.3.5] HUD Not Recommended. This was done because Quick Loot RE has a possibility of crashing when on the latest version. It doesn’t look like Quick Loot RE will be recommended until it’s updated.
  • Replaced 60 FPS Interface in [1.3.1] Menus with 60 FPS Menus – Natural Interface. This mod comes with the SkyUI interface files preremoved.
  • Added Address Library for SKSE Plugins to [1.1.1] Prerequisites & Frameworks. This mod is now requires for SSE Engine Fixes and will benefit other mod authors who adopt this system of making SKSE plugins version independent.
  • Added SkyHUD to [1.3.4] HUD. This mod streamlines and scales down our interface to make it look more modern.
  • Added Less Intrusive HUD II to [1.3.4] HUD Not Included. This mod is an alternative to SkyHUD.
  • Added Just That Other Compass to [1.3.4] HUD Not Included. This is an alternative compass to the one in SkyHUD.
  • Added Undiscovered Means Unknown to [1.3.4] HUD Not Included. This is an alternative hidden compass markers mod to SkyHUD.
  • Added .NET Script Framework to [1.1.1] Prerequisites & Frameworks. This Mod is a prerequisite for Bug Fixes SSE.
  • Added Bug Fixes SSE to [1.2.1] Fixes & Optimizations. This mod tracks down a few engine bugs that SSE Engine Fixes doesn’t patch.
  • Added Alternate Start – Live Another Life – SSE to [1.2.1] Bugs & Balance. This mod was added because of the script free cell it starts the game in. This allows mods to configure prior to running the Helgan intro. It also allows me to creation a save game with preconfigured MCM options for you to download.
  • Added Alternate Start Race Menu Activator to [1.2.1] Bugs & Balance. This mod allows you to create a character from my preconfigured save without having to use the console.
  • Added Main Font Replacement SSE to [1.3.5] Fonts. This mod replaces the main game font. I figured these this more sense in Essentials than Graphics & Visuals.
  • Added Font Overhaul – Natural Typefaces for Skyrim — FONTS to [1.3.5] Fonts. This mod replaces the book fonts. I figured these this more sense in Essentials than Graphics & Visuals.
  • Added Configs & Presets – [1] Essentials to [1.4] Patches & Misc Files. this is a custom preset mod for Essentials to set up the font, keybinding, and SkyHud files. It also contains the new game save for Alternate Start which contains preconfigured MCM settings.

[1] Essentials – ESLable Mods:

I’ve gone through and flagged the ESLable mods in Essentials so you can flag them as ESLs in xEdit and save on your load order. The following mods can be ESLed by following the direction under the [ESLable] flag in General Info:

  • SkyUI
  • RaceMenu
  • Hide Those Futile Quests 64 (now with universal version dll)
  • YeOlde – MCM Settings
  • Manequin Messages
  • Display Spell Tome Level
  • Encumbrance Message Gone

0.04b – 03/04/2020

As promised, I’ve updated the formatting of The Best Modlist further. I’ve also added a new instructions on the Getting Started page (formally Clean Install) on how to revert SkyrimSE to the correct version for the modlist.


  • Main menu image temporarily resized to better fit. I am still not happy with these and want to change them to look better later on.
  • Buttons around the pages have been tweaked to include the page ordering on them.

[i] Getting Started:

  • “Getting the Correct Game Version” Section added. After Steam updated their client, the old method for downloading past executibles from the Steam console stopped working so this is the new method going forward. I will have a video on how to do this shortly. Hopefully Steam doesn’t break this method next.
  • Renamed to “Getting Started” from “Clean Install”. Since the page has more than just clean installation procedures for the game, I thought this was appropriate.

[1] Essentials:

  • Updated Load Order to remove the Death Counter mod which was moved to the Not Included section last update. Also fixed the load order of plugins with the .ESL extension to put them right after ESMs and ESM flagged ESPs.
  • Removed the reverting Skyrim instructions from the [BreaksOnUpdate] tag. These are now found on the “Getting Started” page.

0.03b – 03/03/2020

A general patch update. Mostly changes to formatting and some other areas. There are a few more formatting issues with the guide I’m looking to fix so I’m expecting another patch up soon.

Mod Changes:

[1] Essentials:

  • [1.2.4] Removed the Death Counter mod from Included and placed it into Not Included. I really like the idea of this mod but the counter is imperfect, especially if you quickly load upon death. On top of that, the prompts at the beginning of the game are very intrusive. This mod does have a plugin and some scripts, so don’t remove it mid-playthrough if you’re already using it.

Other Changes:


  • Recolored the Tags to better fit the lighter background tones of the Modlist.

[ii] General Info:

  • Mod Installation – changed the file download location instructions to better reflect the possibility of older versions, and locations outside of “Main Files”, so like “Optional files”, “Misc Files” and “Old Files”

[1] Essentials:

  • [1.1.1] Skyrim Script Extender 64bit (SKSE64) – Elaborated on the SKSE download instructions to account for archived versions. Installing the “latest SSE” version of SKSE on the main silverlock page is no longer recommended by BMS.
  • [1.3.3] Recleaned Menu – Elaborated on why ReCleaned Menu was chosen by BMS as opposed to the other clean menu mods out there.
  • Tweaked the overall style of the page, with special focus on the ‘spoiler’ drop-down lists. Hopefully this will help with readability and navigation. More work to be done here I think.
  • Changed “Current Version” to say “Used Version” to better reflect the meaning of the version information for “Included” mods. “Not Included” and “Not Recommended” still say “Current Version”

0.02b – 02/05/2020

Initial open beta release. As this represents the very first foray this guide is making into the wide, wide world, I’m expecting frequent updates for the next good bit. The Essentials module should be fleshed out and ready to go but things like grammar, typos as well as visual polish may be lacking in areas. Information continuity is an especially big concern for me right now. Please report any issues in the #bug-reports and suggestions in the #suggestions channel of my Disord under “The Best Modlist for Skyrim” category. Discord link at the top of the page.

  • Published Landing page
  • Published Clean Install page
  • Published General Info page
  • Published Essentials module
  • Published Change Log

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