Harvesting Canola, Soybean, Sunflower – LS19 Mods

In today’s FS 19 Mods Showcase I will show how to make diesel fuel from Canola, Soybean, and Sunflower in FS2019. I think it is my first FS 2019. First of all, you need the right LS19 map – Südhemmern. Here is the list of all the LS2019 equipment in the video:

14Combine AGCO GLEANER S98

Here is my completely revamped Gleaner S98 for FS19. This mod was originally introduced in FS17 with basic functionality. Several of you asked if I would convert this over and update it for 19. There were lots of issues that have been resolved or completely replaced for FS19…

13Combine CAT LEXION

CAT Lexion Pack for Farming simulator 19 Power: 690 Maximum Speed: 45 Combination: F30 FLEX, C-Header 1230, 3162 Draper, Heli 12000, HS16 Price: 360000 Brand: CAT Category: harvesters…


As I can not yet give you the fans of John Deere STS 60-70 Series, who have consoles, my modification. Unfortunately, Giants will not skip, I did not recognize the decision, to admit that my modifications are holding…

11Semi-Truck KENWORTH C500

A Highly detailed model from hum3d. A big shout out to Expendables Modding for the interior and design parts!


Lights Price > 182600 Color configuration Nice interior Engines > 520/580 hp Max speed 130/kph


Ideal for transporting the harvest, wood or bales. This package includes: > 200A without sides – capacity: 45.000 liters > 200A four sides – capacity: 45.000 liters > 200A three sides – capacity: 35.000 liters > 200A wood transport > 200A bale trailer (round or square bale)


So here comes a Fortuna. ChangeLog v1.1.0.0: – Black tarpaulin redesigned – Extended wear interval – New wheels to choose from, First of all, this is a conversion! It is not perfect but for our purposes and given the age of now five years, absolutely sufficient for us.

7VALZELLI VI/140 Trailer


Diesel semi-trailer, modified by Milchtransporter (meistro) Suitable eg for NF march or Mod diesel production Loading volume: 22500 L Have fun…


Today we put the V2 for you to download! The changes are listed in the changelog. A big thank you goes to family Kiening-Bachhuber and family Bachhuber, for the provision of their farm logos for the design configuration!

4URSUS 1214

Price: 42000 € Power: 117 hp Category: Small tractors Changelog – Fix issue with weight configurations – Fix helper

3FORD 8830

Hello LS Community! This is the officially released Ford 8830 for FS19 (the other version was stolen) This version is fixed and by the right authors. The log is error free Revised version features lighting Wheel Config (Normal, Wide, Normal with Wheel Weights…


Updated / Corrected EAL script Added a few more options to the Load Trail, Big Tex, and PJ Added Eggs to the Utility As for the other details they can be seen in the link below…

1Südhemmern Map

For the new year, I present you the Südhemmern map for the LS 19. The central courtyard is equipped with warehouses for all types of fruit, straw, grass, hay. There are also storage facilities for manure, manure, and milk.

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