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The film, “ThorRagnarok” introduced Loki as an ally of Thor again and hinted that the god of deception is still able to improve and become a positive character. But, what is to be expected from Loki in “Avengers:Infinity War“? After all, step brother Thor is waiting for a meeting with the mad titan that ordered Loki in the first “Avengers” to lead the invasion of Chitauri on Earth. In this video, we attempt to understand what to expect from Loki in the “AvengersInfinity War“.

Loki is the only antagonist in Marvel Cinematic Universe that got more screen time than some of the Avengers. Stepbrother, Thor, appeared in three solo films and in the first “Avengers“. In “AvengersAge of Ultron” there was also a short appearance of Loki, but he was cut out of the final version of the film. In the “AvengersInfinity War” the God of Mischief will return, and have an important role in the plot.

In the finale of the movie “ThorRagnarok” Thor and his allies, with the help of Loki, managed to save the people of Asgard by transferring them to the ship stolen from the Grandmaster. On this spaceship, they flew away to Earth in the hope of finding a new home.

But things did not go according to plan.  The ship of Thanos suddenly appeared  before Thor’s ship in the scene after the credits. What happened next – we do not exactly know, but we can assume that the god of thunder will send Loki to negotiate with the insane titan, giving his people a chance to hide in the depths of the cosmos.​Something will certainly go wrong, the god of thunder will probably refuse the conditions offered to him, and there will be a battle.  During which, Thanos (or one of his henchmen-members of the Black Order) will simply throw Thor into the open space. It is there, among the wreckage of the ship, he will be found by the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Thanos will want to meet with Loki, the one whom he instructed to get the Tesseract and who failed this task, while having the Chitauri army behind him.To save his life, Loki will certainly take advantage of Tesseract, the Infinity Stone he stole from Odin’s Treasury in the final scene of “Thor: Ragnarok.” In the trailer of the “AvengersInfinity War” there is a scene in which Loki is surrounded by corpses of Asgardians and gladiators from Sakaar. He extends the Infinity Stone to someone, and from the unknown we see only boots. If you recall the design of the members of the Black Order, it becomes obvious that this is Ebony Maw, one of the assistants of Thanos.


It is likely that Loki will betray his brother again to save his life. And here there are several options for further developments:

#1 -Ebony Maw will take Loki to Thanos, where Loki will beg for mercy from the insane titan. Loki will try to restore his partnership with Thanos, saying that he has fulfilled the terms of their deal, even if it took more time than he expected. Thanos will save the life of the Asgardian, provided that he tells everything he knows about the Avengers and helps find the rest of the Infinity Stones. It is from him that the Black Order learns who has artifacts on Earth;

#2 – The beginning is the same, but Thanos will tell Loki that he does not forgive those who do not follow his orders. He will kill the deceiver by using one of the previously obtained Infinity Gems (either one from the Nova Corps on Xandar or one from the Collector). Perhaps he will kill Loki in front of Thor, and then throw Thor into outer space to add drama;

#3 – The beginning is the same, but Loki only pretends to betray his brother. After the events of Ragnarok he thought a lot, and in The War of Infinity he will try to prove that he is able to improve. Loki will tell Tanos that in the fight against the Avengers he needs his help, because he knows their weaknesses, and he will try to get himself into the confidence of the insane titan to steal the Infinity Glove from him;

#4 – On the ship of Thor there will be a battle in which not only gladiators and Asgardians will take part, but also the Hulk. At some point, Thor will be thrown into open space, and Loki will understand that the battle is lost. He will make it appear as though he gives the Tesseract to Ebony Mo, and then he will teleport the Hulk to Earth in Sanctum Sanctorum (remember in the trailer the scene where Dr. Strange finds Bruce Banner?). For this deception, Ebony Maw will take Loki to Thanos, who will severely punish the Asgardians. Perhaps he will even kill him, remembering the lost battle, where Loki commanded the Chitauri.

Recently, in an interview with HeyUGuys, actor Tom Hiddleston, who played the role of Loki in the Marvel film, said: (Watch The Video). 

Hiddleston also said:

“Every time I play in Loki, the challenge is to find new ways to show it. I always think that I have much more to show. I never expected that when I start to play it, I will feel so much responsibility.”

The appearance of the actor Tom Hiddleston in the Avengers is confirmed, but this does not mean that the god of deception will be alive.  He may appear in Thor’s memory or in a scene using Tony Stark’s B.A.R.F. technology for replicating memories.

If you remember, there was an episode in The Avengers where the servant of Thanos told Loki:

You will get your war, with the Asgard. But if you fail, if Tesseract does not get to us, then there will not be such a world, such a planet, such a cave where he [Tanos] will not find you. Do you think you know what pain is? He will make you dream of sweet pain.

And in the “War of Infinity”, Thanos will finally meet Loki. So, the probability that the god of deception actually dying in the “War of Infinity” is great. What if this is the hero whose death was promised by the creators of the film?

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