First Harvesting on Erlengrat – FS19 Alpine DLC, New Mods.


Welcome to the Farming Simulator 19 Alpine Farming DLC. It has been a while since I played Farm Sim 2019. So I decided to start a new game on Erlengrat with some fresh FS19 Mods from Giants Modhub. 

So I got a field with barley that was ready for harvesting and leas new farming equipment.

For Harvesting – FS19 Combine Mod John Deere 9600 – 9610 (SiiD Modding)

For hauling agricultural machinery – FS2019 NMC Scarok Pickup (North Modding Company), LS19 VStRuk PT 600 Semi-truck (raulycristi1 | Vanquish081 [VSR MODDING SUR]) and LS2019 Lowloader Trailer With 16 Wheels (JapanModding, Erix05)

And for transporting grain – LS19 Tractor Fendt Vario 900 Gen6 (Bayern-Agrar, Agrartechnik Nordeifel) with FS19 Trailer Rolland Line (Sabo.D Copyright)

All the FS19 Mods in this Farming Simulator 19 Timelapse Gameplay should be compatible with PC/MAC, PS4, XB1.

6. Rolland Line

Pack of three Rolland RollSpeed trailers and a forage spreader.

5. VStRuk PT 600

Lowloader with 16 wheels

4. Lowloader With 16 Wheels

Lowloader with 16 wheels

3. NMC Scarok Pack

Meet the all new 2021 NMC Scarok

2. Fendt Vario 900 Gen6 (MY 2020)

Fendt Vario 900 Generation 6

1. John Deere 9600 – 9610

John Deere 9600 – 9610 North America

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