Farm&Fix 2020: Everything We Know about New Construction and Farming Simulator


The Farm&Fix 2020 video game has pretty impressive features, and it will undoubtedly captivate you. Regardless of whether you love farming or not, you will be playing the role of a farmer in this game, which is created by SimFabric studio. SimFabric recognized game developer and publisher for Mobiles, Consoles, and PC established back in 2016.

Additionally, in the Farm&Fix 2020 simulator, you will be working on restoring farm buildings and machines. The game, which PlayWay published, comes with three exclusive features. These are Farm & Harvest to sell with profit, Fix & Service Farm Machines & Vehicles, and Fix & Renovate Farm Buildings. There is also an open world, and you can freely access the tools you need.

Do you want to know more? Below is everything we know about SimFabric’s Fix & Farm 2020:

You Can Do Everything a Farmer Does

As mentioned above, Farm&Fix 2020 allows us to be farmers. As one, you will be running your farm alone since the simulator comes with a single-player mode. You are at liberty to grow the type of crop you desire, and you can choose different ones, including wheat, rye, plums, pears, or even apples. Like in real life, you will sell your harvest whenever you want and get the money you require to take care of your other needs.

As mentioned above, Fix & Farm 2020 allow us to be farmers.
You Can Do Everything a Farmer Does

There are three types of fields that are available for a player, plus there is an agro-economy of the same. To offer you the great experiences you crave, Farm&Fix 2020 has a realistic day and night systems as well as weather conditions. On top of that, accidents and disasters also happen at different times while you play.

You Can Renovate Your Farm Buildings

Renovation is another exciting thing that you get to do with the Fix & Farm 2020, as we have said earlier. The buildings are not all the same, which even makes it more interesting. There are ten different types of structures and a thousand elements available. Farm&Fix 2020 also has various stores that come with used as well as new features. Since there are no restrictions, renovate the buildings you want to fit your needs accordingly.

Farm&Fix 2020: You Can Renovate Your Farm Buildings

Fortunately, Farm&Fix 2020 has a store where you can get all the tools you require. Do not hesitate to explore all of the implements so that you can land the perfect equipment for the job at hand. You can also purchase other necessary used items. As soon as you did renovate your farm, you are granted permission to sell it and buy any other that pleases you.

There Are Lots of Vehicles to Repair

With Farm&Fix 2020, you will fix different types of vehicles that are of exceptional quality, and you are allowed to get behind the wheel at your convenience. Each of the machines that the game offers has a variety of parts that are easy to replace. Then, when you need to purchase the replacement components, go to the store and make your pick.

There Are Lots of Vehicles to Repair
There Are Lots of Vehicles to Repair

Please note that the replacement parts at the shop are either new or used. If you buy the old components, they will not last as much as the new ones, and you might have to go back to the store after a while. The parts’ condition during the purchase could affect the performance of the machine that you are fixing.

The Graphics Are Fantastic

One of the fantastic things that we can all agree about Farm&Fix 2020 is the fact that the three-dimensional graphics are excellent. The models of vehicles, objects, and people are all quality, making the luminaire highly realistic. Then, the marvelous shading systems, animations, physics engine (which is advanced) makes the game worth all your time.

What are Farm&Fix 2020 System Requirements?

Recommended System Requirements:

If you want to play the Farm&Fix 2020, take time to know the system requirements so that you don’t go wrong somewhere and miss the chance to enjoy this simulator as desired. Here are the recommended ones: 16 GB RAM, 10 GB HDD, Windows 10 64-bit, Intel Core i7, and graphic card 2 GB (GeForce GTX 960 or a better one).

Minimum System Requirements:

If you cannot get the requirements mentioned above, consider getting the minimum ones: 8 GB RAM for memory, graphics – NVidia, processor – i3, 5 GB storage space available, and Windows 7 for the operating system (OS).

Also, according to SimFabric game will be available on gaming consoles PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Farm&Fix 2020 Supports Which Languages?

The simulator is available in many languages which include English, French, German, Italian as well as Spanish. It makes it ideal for people from all parts of the world. The instructions are straightforward, so you are less likely to get confused.

Without any doubt, Farm&Fix 2020 is one of the SimFabric studio’s best creations, and its great features are enough proof of that. The simulator offers incredible, realistic farming experiences. You are not limited to growing only several crops, plus you can focus on repairing vehicles and machines. If you fancy renovating buildings, Farm&Fix 2020 has got you. Test your creativity by working on the different types of farm structures that the game offers. To get the satisfaction you want from this game, we recommend that you get the maximum system requirements, even though you can still work with the minimum ones.

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