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FS 19 Rolland Line Trailers Pack Mod for Farming Simulator 19


Rolland Line

Pack of three Rolland RollSpeed trailers and a forage spreader.

Model 8844 with 3 configurations:
– Without sideboard, capacity 30000 liters, price 43575€.
– 32 cm grain sideboards, 37000-liter capacity, price 44075€.
– 100 cm silage sides, 51000-liter capacity, price 44575€.

Model 7840 with 3 configurations:
– Without sideboard, 27000 liters capacity, price 38275€.
– 32 cm grain sideboards, 32000-liter capacity, price 38775€.
– 100 cm silage sides, 45000-liter capacity, price 39275€.

Model 6835 semi-elevator with 4 configurations:
– Without sideboard, the capacity of 23000 liters, price 35275€.
– 32 cm load-carrying sides, the capacity of 26500 liters, price 35475€.
– 32 cm grain sides, the capacity of 28000 liters, choice of tarpaulin, price without tarpaulin 35775€, price with tarpaulin 36275€.
– 100 cm silage sides, capacity 39000 liters, price 36275€.
The 6835 model also allows you to load your seed drill and fertilizer spreader when it is lifted.

The 3 Rollspeed models have 4 choices of lifting,(10°, 25°, 35°, 45°) to adapt to different storage areas.

The DAV14 model is a spreader that allows you to carry 14000 liters of forage, silage, grass, hay, straw, and TMR to feed your animals, price 12760€.

V Update for consoles

Author Sabo.D Copyright

Platform PC/MAC, PS4, XB1

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