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FS19 John Deere Grapple Yarder Logs Crane Mod for Farming Simulator 19


John Deere Grapple Yarder

This is a skyline yarder with a grapple to pull out logs from hard reachable areas. Just activate the yarder, go outside the vehicle, attach yarder rope to some tree near the logs you want to pull out.
-you can attach rope in different heights (1-10m).
-you can switch between active yarders and see their status
-you can show rope before attaching it to better view direction between tree and yarder
-you can display info about yarder like distance to tree, grapple height, angle to the tree, etc. in 3 modes
-can be used as log loader/unloader too but always activate yarder before operating with logs (it is heavier)
-always deactivate the yarder when transporting it (for less weight of it)
-you can switch exit/entrance to grapple or vehicle
-all controls can be set in your Inputbindings
-there will be an XML config file in your game folder where you can change many options
-you can speed up the movement of the grapple (recommended only if empty)
-always park the yarder on very flat ground before use or it can be very unstable
-you can optionally select back trailer attacher (1395 kW is good for towing other vehicles)
-when yardering from 150m or further steering is disabled (due to stability)

-price: 410000 €
-power: 1896 HP

KEY_B – activate / deactivate yarder (vehicle)
KEY_X – attach/detach yarder rope to the tree (player)
KEY_Z – switch to next active yarder (player)
KEY_V – show/hide yarder rope (player)
KEY_Y – set yarder rope height (player)
KEY_lctrl KEY_S – toggle yardering speed (vehicle)
KEY_lctrl KEY_E – toggle exit / entrance (vehicle)
KEY_Z – toggle yarder HUD menu (vehicle)
KEY_lalt KEY_KP_4 / 6 – move yarder HUD left / right (vehicle)
KEY_lalt KEY_KP_8 / 2 – move yarder HUD up / down (vehicle)

Game: Farming Simulator 19
Manufacturer: John Deere
Category: Forestry Equipment
Author: kenny456, Driftstak
Size: 13.20 MB
Released: 11.02.2020
Platform: PC/MAC

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