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FS19 Placeable Sawmill Pack (Global Company) Mod for Farming Simulator 19


Placeable Sawmill Pack (Global Company)

Sawmill by Kastor. After a long building phase, hours after hours of despair,
here it is! Kastor proudly presents Sawmill.

You think the sawmill is like a sawmill, Wood in, Money out?
Then be prepared for the ultimate, no not near-death but the wooden experience.
You are more into the wood than wheat, you didn’t see the map cause of too many trees?
Here is your possibility to get satisfied, let the saw fly, grub-like world champions, let the harvester glow.
Fully animated, processing of the trees to increase your earnings from every tree, like always made with passion and extensively tested. Make beams and boards, process them too wrapped beams and pallets, get the max out of every tree.

It is recommended to level the surface beforehand with the in-game tool.
As a small hint, it’s advisable to level the surface with the ingame tool, before you want to place it.

# !!!! Requires GlobalCompany version 1.5.xx or higher !!!! #
# !!!! GlobalCompany version 1.5.xx or higher is required !!!! #


# Sägewerk
-Bretterpaletten / board pallets
-Holzbalken / wooden beams
-Hackschnitzel / woodchips
-Rindenmulch / barkmulch

#HKW (Holzkraftwerk)
#WPP (wood power plant)
– Acceptance of woodchips and bark mulch
(Money for this is credited every hour on the hour/hourly out payment)

#Wood storage
– tree trunks are automatically stored and returned in 12m logs (8000 liters) / automatic wooden log storage, output as 12m logs (capacity 8000 liters)
– the only way to buy wood, but very expensive! / the only possibility to buy wood, highly expensive!

#Pallets manufacture
-accepts board pallets / input board pallets
-delivers empty pallets / output empty pallets

#Beam wrapper
-accepts individual wooden beams (500 liters) / input wooden beams (500 liters)
-divides wooden beams wrapped in foil as Packet (6000L Pack) / output of foiled-wrapped beam packages (6000 lite)

-Here can be sold board pallets, beams, beam packs, and empty pallets / sell the products, takes board pallets, wooden beams, wrapped packages and empty pallets

With this pack, I hope to bring some variety for one or the other to the woodwork. There will also be an expansion. But that still takes time.
With this pack, I hope to bring more variety into the woodwork for everyone who wants it. Also, an extension is coming in the near future. Stay patient.

Now have fun with wood ^^
Have fun in the forest

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