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This is SHOWY, No Doubt | Gigaduex’s Armor Sets Skyrim Special Edition Mods

Gigaduex’s Armor Sets adds 3 new high quality custom armors to the game. These are the Altmer Scout Armor, the Archer Armor and Lindsay’s Outfit. All of these sets fall in the light armor skill tree and can be found by either talking to the new NPC in the Drunken Huntsman or Crafted in the Skyforge. Now I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of the new NPC but these armors are so fine that put up with her. I mean just look at em, nice and minimalistic, stealthy, sleek what’s not to love? Nothing quite like an armor mod that restrains itself a bit no?

My favorite is definitely the Altmer Scout set by far but if you happen to like parts of each do not worry as you can mix and match pieces. The mod author was even kind enough to separate the torso and leg pieces so you can customize to your pleasure. The only set that I don’t think fits in as well is Lindsay’s armor and that’s because of the winter boots and short shorts. The pants and boots look fine to me but unfortunately, there’s clipping if you combine the two.

This mod is available for both the CBBE and UMP bodies and is therefore only available for female characters, so don’t go try to stuff you level 50 orc man into this petite sized leather. Aside from that, there’s not much else to say really, other than the Altmer set has blue and red torso and leg armor variants and the archer set comes in brown and black.

Download Special Edition: Gigaduex’s Armor Sets

Download Oldrim: Gigaduex’s Armor Sets

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