Global Company placeable wood chipper Mod for Farming Simulator 19


Global company placeable wood chipper V 1.2

Mod inspired from “LWG Europa S├Ągewerke” made by Mannie313 in ls-modcompany

I removed the pallet outputs and used a Ravenport wood chipper model

In version 1.2 I added a Joskin trailer that can transport any liquid, useful to fill diesel if you do not have any compatible mod.

It uses the global company script, download the latest version (

PS: Some people have translation problems, I am sorry I don’t know what is the issue. I tested French, English, and German and all is fine on my PC. If some people know what the issue is please let me know and I will update it.

  • Version 1.2Update 1.2:
    – fix a warning for the new GlobalFactory.
    – Add a Joskin trailer that can transport any base game liquid, useful to fill a diesel
  • 27 Aug 15:25Version 1.1- fix some audio and add more lights.
    – 1.0 may have some translations issues on the download outside of modhoster, hopefully, it will be solved

Model: Giants (Ravenport)Script: Mannie313 (ls-modcompany)Idea / Concept: Xanika

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