Thursday, October 17, 2019

WICKED Gargoyle Skeleton | Grave Gargoyles Skyrim Special Edition Mods 2018

Grave Gargoyles changes gargoyle skeletons in the game. As you can see, their proportions de-exaggerated to appear more natural. Their chests, heads and hands all appear to have been shrunken down which makes them look a lot like a mutated human in my opinion. Their wings on the other hand have instead been scaled up causing them to look more menacing and more closely related to the vampire lords. It does all this without altering the textures need for the creature so you can still use mods like Rustic Gargoyle, which can be seen in the footage. Link to the mod page is down below if you’re interested. Definitely remember to endorse this guy, he’s fabulous!

Download Special Edition: Grave Gargoyles

Download Oldrim: Grave Gargoyles

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