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JOHN DEERE DB60 24 ROW Mod for Farming Simulator 19



John Deere DB60 Official

It’s BETA – after leaking from Matt Schadt (cancer of FS Community), I will not release the final version of it. Enjoy BETA version; it’s good enough and better than most of the equipment.

Bring back my fs17 edit to FS19!
– All FS19 standards
– Wearable and Wahsable
– FS19 Lights
– ConnectionHoses (Dynamic Hoses)
– Back Attacher for Liquid Carts with Hoses Joints!
– Greenstar Configurations
– Refuge Tank Configurations
– LiquidFertilizer Tanks Configurations
– All tanks Configurations with real capacity + mass Scripts
– SmartBoxes Configurations
– Side Markers Configurations
– Wheels/ Heavy Wheels/ DB60 Tracks Configurations
– Realistics RotLimits (Flexable)
– Fixed all Hydraulic cylinders
– Randomly Moving Parts on every single Row!
– New, FS19 Particle Animations! (dust, material and soil)
– Real values (capacity, mass, price etc)
– New HD Declas!
– Lot of Warning Decals
– New ToggleCover animation
– Working side Markers (fixed)
– Fixed lowering
– Error Free (clear LOG)!

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