Thursday, August 13, 2020

KENWORTH C500 Mod for Farming Simulator 19


KENWORTH C500 V1.2.0.0

A Highly detailed model from hum3d. A big shout out to Expendables Modding for the interior and design parts!


  • UDIM textures
  • Hooklift or Semi-truck
  • Multiple design options (bumpers, exhausts, logracks, fenders etc)
  • compatible with the new ITrunner pack by Agrartechnik Nordeifel
  • Colour and material options
  • No known log errors


  • Added attacher and collision behind the 5th wheel attacher for Nick Exley’s winch
  • Adjusted differential setup for 1+2 and 2+2 axle setup.


  • Added attacher at the bumpers for Nick Exley’s winch
  • Made the fifth wheel attacher movable (left mouse button)
  • adjusted rear collision so lower trailers can attach.

Attention! some shorter hooklift containers will raise the trucks backend while unloading, drive forward a bit when that happens!

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