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Weapons that BREAK! | Loot & Degradation Skyrim Special Edition Mods 2018

Today I am taking a look at the Loot and Degradation mod for Skyrim and Special edition. So this mod is really cool, I’ve never used the Oldrim version, but I really glad the Special Edition one was ported. Basically, here’s the break down, Loot and Degradation distributes tempered and enchanted weapons and armor to the enemies of Skyrim. On top of that it also adds equipment degradation and breakage. A few other miscellaneous changes are also added to better flesh out the mod’s mechanics like enemies being able to retrieve better loot from fallen foes or allies mid combat, smiths being able to temper items and equipment for you as well as smelting for broken equipment. So that’s the short of it, let’s hit the deets shall we?


To start let’s look at the Loot aspect of it. NPCs in the game world will now use improved equipment, be it from a workbenches, grindstones or enchanting tables. The quality of these effects depends on NPCs level so you don’t have to worry about running into level one NPCs with legendary improvements. Unlike the footage. Where I turned up the values to max. If you really want see stuff like this though, these rates are all configurable via MCM. Or, ya know, if you want to fine tune your settings for maximum immersion, whichever player you are.

On top of that, as stated before, NPCs will now pick up better loot, if it is advantageous, in combat. I really like smart AI improvements like this, Benny the bandit should pick up his chums Legendary Battleaxe of Flames should he gets struck down mid swing. Kinda gives em a greedy feel, ya know? But should you, for some reason, not want this you can always disable it in the mod menu.


Now onto degradation. By default degradation is set lower equipment’s temper level on attacks or hits based on a percent value. Once an item is back to it’s untempered state, it has a chance to break. There are also two other types of degradation, progressive and mixed. Progressive is when all items can break regardless of their temper value and mixed adds specific conditions to break equipment like powerattacks, bashes or blocks.

But what if it’s a unique item? Good question! This mod has you covered, as those items cannot break and should you have unique equipment from other mods you, can set them to be ignored in the MCM. Or any item for that matter. Hell you can just disable breakage entirely should you only want loot and degradation. Just remember to do it before combat so you don’t lose that sweet sweet bud light armor you found in a keg at the drunken huntsman. Link to this memie goodness down below.

What else? If you block a hit with a shield your armor will be protected but not the shield, degradation scales with item quality so the Deadric is less likely to degrade than iron and lastly mage armor can disable breakage and degradation while active. You get the picture. Oh these features can also be enabled for followers should you really want to make your life miserable. Once an item breaks, fragments of said item will be placed in your inventory. These can be taken to a smelter and recycled back into ingots, which you can use to craft new weapons and tempers them. It’s a nice gameplay loop really.

Additional Changes

The last changes this mod makes is to services. These are done to completely flesh out the previous systems and avoid holes in gameplay. To start, blacksmiths and fletcher throughout the game will now be able to temper your items for a fee. This way you don’t have to be a smith to take advantage equipment upgrades. Blacksmiths are able to temper everything while fletchers are limited to bows, light armor and one handed weapons, they also cost less. The cool thing is certain craftsmen are more proficient at their work than others. This proficiency level stretches from apprentice to master with a new artisan level between expert and master. The higher their level the better they can temper. Pretty intuitive right? But wait there’s more.

Orc smiths are better at tempering Orcish equipment while Baldor Iron-Shaper is better at tempering Stalhrim and of course Eorlund Graymane is the most renown smith in Skyrim so he’s the only one who can do unique weapons and armor. Smithing fees scale with the speech skill so a silver tongue can lower your price some. As you use smith’s their abilities will grow and they will be able to temper items better and better. But should you choose to not use them, their skills will still develop at a rate of two levels per six months.

If you want more immersion, you can also set tempering to take time, in hours. After which, a courier will deliver your improved equipment. Finally you can always forgo this entirely and just enhance items yourself at the appropriate stations or even use repair kits added by this mod, their power is weaker but they’re more versatile as you can carry them in your inventory. These can be crafted or purchased.


To wrap all these new changes together, the mod comes with hud widgets for equipment degradation, popup messages, and status hotkeys to check on your gear. All of these can be customized to your heart’s content so I won’t go into any further details. But trust me there’s a lot here.

Download Special Edition: Loot and Degradation

Download Oldrim: Loot and Degradation

Download Sum Memes: Bud Light Armor Set

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