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Nightmare Chaurus | Skyrim Special Edition (SSE) Mods 2018

Today I am looking at the Nightmare Chaurus mod for Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition (SSE). This mod replaces the chaurus skeleton and in the process enlarges the creature to a much bigger size. The proportions of the head has also been tweaked along with the posture.

Nightmare Chaurus | Skyrim Special Edition (SSE) Mods 2018

“This mod transforms your not so scary vanilla chaurus into a chaurus of nightmares by replacing the vanilla skeleton with a custom skeleton. Arachnophobes better take your medicine!”

“If your like me and have been disappointed with the vanilla Chaurus, then this mod is for you. This mod replaces the vanilla Chaurus skeleton with a new custom skeleton meant to give the Chaurus of Skyrim a nightmarish appearance. Working within the confines of the vanilla mesh, I enlarged the limbs, skull, tail and made several subtle changes to the Chaurus, and the result is a Chaurus of nightmares that will strike terror into any who delve into the depths of Skyrim . This affects all Chaurus in Skyrim.” -rougeshot, Mod Author

Download Skyrim: Nightmare Chaurus

Download Special Edition: Nightmare Chaurus


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