Farming Simulator 2019 Forestry and Construction Mods Showcase

Hello, and welcome back to Ai Cave and FS19 Michigan Map. In the “How to Build Log Bridge in FS2019 – FS 19 Construction Mods” Video I tried building an FS 2019 Bridge. Well, it was a good attempt but definitely fail as far as usability goes.

In today’s “Quick Fix for a Log Bridge – LS2019 – LS19 Construction and LS 2019 Forestry LS 19 Mods Video you will able to see how I improved the Bridge and that workes were a lot better than in the previous video. Also, I have John Deere 9R Tractor with John Deere 200 Cultivator for the test of the bridge.

I am not using any loaders in this video, this video is made as a guide, so if you need any mods ask me in the comments.



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