Quick Fix for a Log Bridge in Farming Simulator 19


Farming Simulator 2019 Forestry and Construction Mods Showcase

Hello, and welcome back to Ai Cave and FS19 Michigan Map. In the “How to Build Log Bridge in FS2019 – FS 19 Construction Mods” Video I tried building an FS 2019 Bridge. Well, it was a good attempt but definitely fail as far as usability goes.

In today’s “Quick Fix for a Log Bridge – LS2019 – LS19 Construction and LS 2019 Forestry LS 19 Mods Video you will able to see how I improved the Bridge and that workes were a lot better than in the previous video. Also, I have John Deere 9R Tractor with John Deere 200 Cultivator for the test of the bridge.

I am not using any loaders in this video, this video is made as a guide, so if you need any mods ask me in the comments.



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