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REAL Snowflakes in Skyrim | YEE & HD Water

Today I’d like to show you two new mods on Nexus that are both part of the Cathedral Project, one of which is a mod that retextures snowflakes and another that does water. Both of these mods are lightweight and you probably won’t feel any effect on your load order. Probably, unless you’re running Special Edition on your toaster. Anyway let’s take a look at em starting with with HD flakes.

Yee – a new snowflake mod

REAL Snowflakes in Skyrim | YEE & HD Water

So the gist of it is, YEE retextures the snowflakes. That’s cool and all I thought snow’s important but there are just other mods out there for that. You’re probably thinking that too but wait you’re wrong. We’re both wrong. YEE is not your everyday run of the mill snowflake retexture. No. This mod goes to a whole new level when it comes to boosting that sweet sweet thing we call: immersion. This retexture takes real life multi-angle snowflake camera footage that was developed at the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the the University of Utah. So when I tell you this is the MOST realistic snowflake retexture on Nexus, I’m not kidding you. Looking from these comparisons, you’re probably like: I don’t see difference. Well to tell you the truth, from this footage I can’t either. But let’s set the field of view a little lower shall we? Enhance! Whoh! Now that’s HD. Plus if you need another reason to use this mod, these photos were taken at the U, the very university I go to. So give that mod some love eh?

Download Special Edition: Yee

HD Water

REAL Snowflakes in Skyrim | YEE & HD Water

That was intense, I need something to help me chill out after all that excitement. Why don’t we take a look at the next mod. HD Water. So I won’t lie to you this ones not quite as cool as the real snowflakes but it does have some nice features up it’s sleeve. HD Water retextures the in game water but unlike other water mods on nexus it does so in a very lightweight package. Apart from making the water more tame, this mod also removes issues with distant water LOD tiling and incompatibilities that could arise from other water mods. Now it’s designed to be used with Obsidian Weather so you can give that a shot on your own if you’d like but as you can see from the footage, it works just fine with vanilla. I would try Obsidian Weathers but I’m holding off until my weather mods comparison, that’s coming up real soon by the way. You should definitely watch that. Other than that, if you’re looking for some light weight water with none of that heavy stuff look no further.

Download Special Edition: HD Water

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