Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Tomebound | Skyrim Special Edition

Tomebound is a lightweight spell and magic overhaul that draws inspiration from previous games in the series but at the same time, also seeks to stick to vanilla design principles. Another principle of the mod is maximum compatibility, which is why the mod doesn’t change any vanilla spells or perks but instead adds new spells to better flesh out the existing system. Over a hundred new spells are added to the five schools of magic, stretching from novice to expert level. Many of these fill out gaps in the vanilla spells.

Tomebound | Skyrim Special Edition

For example, the Alteration school now has spells that allow you to improve the armor ratings of NPCs, Destruction reintroduces touch spell effects and conjuration allows you to quickly teleport to specific areas in the game–good for a hardcore playthrough.

These spells can also be purchased at vendors for easy acquisition. The mod also does a few more things like incorporate staves for the new spells, implement skill perk effects to all staves and uncap scroll effects. But other than that, the mod doesn’t change much else to remain lightweight and increase its compatibility.

Expand your magical arsenal with spells, staves, scrolls and more straight from the Elder Scrolls lore!

Download Special Edition: Tomebound

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