Sunday, December 8, 2019

AMAZING Wooden Bows | Unique Bows Collection Skyrim Special Edition Mods 2018

you probably remember this decently popular mod. Essentially, Unique Bows adds 10 new bows to the game and places them in dungeons throughout Skyrim. As you can see these bows have some serious wood, which is a rather nice change of pace from the aggressive ultra mega death bows of vanilla. Seriously, these things have almost as many spikes as the average vehicle in a Mad Max movie.

That’s not to say that the lack the lack of a California PD spike strip constitutes an equal loss in power as their damage ranges from glass to daedric. So with unmodded Skyrim leveling, these bows might even see AS MUCH use as California PD spike strip. Just make sure give those doped up khajiits 20 to life and you’ll complete the analogy. I think that jokes a little out dated at this point, but I’m nothing if I don’t beat my dead horse.

Anyway enough with the terrible jokes, where can you get these bows? Good question. Head on into the blue palace basement and look for Trebonius Catanius’ Chest, inside is a diary on where you can find them all. And good luck finding the chest itself. Because it clear the mod author really wanted you to struggle with this step. If you give up like me, you could just explore naturally and allow yourself to be surprised after clearing a few dungeons. Or… Just search the console for a chest of bows and spawn it in. There’s crafted and enchanted versions within. After that, you can play with em to your heart’s content.

So as you can see they look pretty nice, I don’t think they’re 4k so I mean they might as well be paper weights in my load order but you may feel different. I like the twisted one in particular. Looks very elvenie, elvish? Ah who cares, Bethesda can’t be bothered with their lore, so why should I care about pronunciations?

Download Special Edition: Unique Bows Collection

Download Oldrim: Unique Bows Collection

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